The Headache of Fish ID!

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When friends post pictures on Facebook with fish that they do not know the identification of, I can’t help but drop whatever I am doing and try to identify.

So was the story with the above picture.  My friend, Ori, was diving in Sinai and snapped the above picture of this black and white fish.  It has everything one needs to ID; colors, patterns, and visible mouth and fins.

Color and pattern are not very good things to start with because they can change with age, sexual maturity, time of day, gender, and mood; but I’m not going to lie, I started my search on Google with “red sea black and white fish,” which turned up…


So then I really looked at the shape of the fish, specifically the mouth and fins.  This is where you need to know a little about fish morphology and where things get confusing with this particular fish.  The caudal (fancy name for tail) fin is snapper/grunt-ish (slightly forked), while the mouth looks more like a drum (rounded nose with small mouth near bottom of face).  I started with drums because here in the Atlantic, we have the Spotted Drum which has similar patterns including stripes and spots.  Back to Google with “red sea drum fish”…

Even less helpful than before….

So I tried going for the caudal fin with “red sea black and white grunts” because grunts are more likely to be striped and the size of the fish in question; nothing.  Let’s try “red sea black and white snapper”…

At this point, I have just about given up.  As a scrolled down, I found this:

The face it right, but the tail is all wrong!  This fish has a paddle tail while our fish has a forked tail.  But hey, I have no other leads, so let’s check this out.  Delve a little into the black hole of the internet and I find that the above picture is a juvenile black and white snapper (Macolor niger).  So I then looked up what adult black and white snapper look like.

Dear God that is an ugly fish.  But it does answer my question, kinda.  It tells us that this fish changes drastically with age.  Many books only document juvenile and adult phases for fish; only fish that change gender will have a known intermediate stage.  Here goes nothing; “intermediate black and white snapper.”  Along with some diagrams of snowthrowers, I found a couple pictures of our fish!

When trying to identify fish, never forget that they can change color, pattern, size, and in some cases, even shape!


Scuba Girl Lizzie an Ocean Scientist and Safety Officer.  She is currently working as assistant Safety Officer on the crew of the Aquarius Reef Base underwater habitat.  She can be emailed at: “”

2016 Holiday Diver Gift Guide for your Scuba Girl or Guy!

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 Are you looking for the perfect gift for your Scuba Girl or Guy?
Here are a few of our favorite gift ideas for that Diver in your life!

The ultimate gift of Dive Travel!

What better gift than a dive vacation with your friends at Scuba Girls?  Join one of our adventures including a week of unlimited diving in Curacao or Bonaire! How about a photo expedition with Hammerheads or Great White Sharks?  Or a relaxing dive vacation in Fiji?  All on our books for 2017!  Any one of these trips would make a wonderful gift for any diver on your list.  Log into for more details!

Bimini Hammerhead Adventure – January 27 2017

Dive Bonaire! – 27 May 2017

Fiji Getaway – 19 October 2017

Do you love a good mystery?

How about an underwater adventure? Scuba Girl Micki Browning’s debut novel merges her love of diving with her history in law enforcement to give us a dive adventure involving Key Largo’s Spiegel Grove. This is a great read for any diver or mystery lover. ADRIFT is available for download to your eReader or device of choice. Support a Scuba Girl, and love every word in the process!


Adrift at Random House


Give the gift of Eco Consciousness this season!

Did you know that many of the chemicals in sunscreens and body care products have been shown to harm our reefs and fish?  Maintain your good karma by using Scuba Girl Autumn’s products.  The sunscreen is highly water resistant and won’t burn your eyes, the leave-in conditioner is a salty girl’s best friend after a dive, and the Sun & Sting Gel will soothe even the worst fire coral or jelly fish sting without leaving you smelling like vinegar.  Stream2Sea is available in many dive centers and health food stores, and also at
Use coupon code ScubaGirls2016 for an extra 15% off!


ECO Conscious Kit from Stream 2 Sea

Custom Dive Clock

This dive flag wall clock is a fun timepiece for any diver!  Choose from designs that include a shark, a turtle or simply the dive flag.  At only $16.95 how could you go wrong?

Custom Dive Clock

Dry Robes

Diving in the winter can be exhilarating, and appropriate exposure protection keeps us comfortable in the water, but are you prepared for when you get out?  Whether you are back on the boat, on shore after a cold dive, or are just wet and cold, the Dry Robe is your answer.  It’s roomy enough to put on over your wetsuit and change out of your wet dive gear and into dry clothes.  This is a must for any diver who doesn’t want to be cold.

 Dry Robe

Also be sure to check out the short sleeve towel dry robe!

Short Sleave Dry Robe


Norman The Nurse Shark

Perfect for your young Divers-To-Be!  Our friends at Sharks4Kids wrote this great book teaching kids how to share their love of sharks!  All proceeds support shark education around the world!

Norman the Nurse Shark

Lunchboxes – not just for kids!

Let’s face it, diving takes energy, and while we are often having a great time during a dive, we are burning off a lot of calories.  This BPA free diver lunch box makes a  perfect gift for the diver in your life.  Pack some healthy snacks or lunch to munch on in between dives and refuel.  And you can’t beat the awesome artwork on the lunchboxes!

Scuba Lunch Box



Stay Hydrated & Go Plastic Free

Staying hydrated is incredibly important for divers.  Keep your cool all day with the spill-proof AUTOSEAL® Chill.  Just press to sip and release to seal automatically.  The spout cover helps to protect against dirt and germs when you’re finished hydrating.  Plus drinks stay cold up to 18 hrs. and the bottle is BPA free.   Bonus!  Using this bottle also helps minimize waste – no disposable water bottles or plastic cups.  That’s a win!




Best Dive Hoods Ever!

Keeping our heads warm while diving is important in colder waters.  Terrapin makes some of the cutest hoods you will find anywhere!  Choose from batman horns, devil horns, nudibranchs, clown fish … there is sure to be a hood that the scuba diver in your life will adore.  Heck, get one for yourself, too, while you’re at it.  We promise, you will always know who your buddy is!


Terrapin Wetsuit Hoods


For the Tea Lover

For the scuba and tea lover, why not get them a deep TEA diver!  This dishwasher and food-safe diver tea infuser is adorable, and the stainless steel “tank” serves as a handy counter weight.

Deep Tea diver


 Make a Difference – Adopt a Shark!

Do you know someone who loves sharks (and really, who doesn’t love those gorgeous and adorable creatures)?  Then why not adopt a shark for them this holiday season.

Adopt A Shark

Don’t Lose Your Dough!

This handmade copper plated money clip is absolutely gorgeous.  Although traditionally a man’s gift, most women divers would love one too!  Imagine how stylish you will look tipping the crew!

Diver Clip

Leggings for Water  Lovers

These leggings aren’t just functional and cute, but each pair repurposes 10 recycled plastic bottles!  Add in a percentage of the proceeds supporting ocean conservation, and we are in love!

Waterlust Leggings


And remember, whatever holiday you celebrate, dive safe, dive responsibly, and have fun!

Scuba Girl Allison

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